Short Walks

A month ago we have been forced to be locked up at home because we must stop spreading the COVID 19 virus, ceasing to see the beings we love the most; our parents, grandparents and friends. Thank God for a few days we have been able to go out at least an hour a day to do a little exercise and walk a little. near my house I have one of the most beautiful parks for me in North London Lordship Recreation Ground, every day in addition to doing something healthy I have also practiced a little photography of all the nature that I have found in this park. These photographs have also served to inspire me in a series of art work that I have done in recent days, this art work also consists of painting the nature that I also found in seeing very beautiful moments like seeing a couple in love holding hands Old age, they gave me the example of what I want for my future, to be able to have the life that God gives me and share it with my wife and go out walking still in love holding hands. I hope very soon to go out and meet them again and show them my artwork. I’ll tell you more soon.

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